Requesting Automation for subitem creation to set a date column to today + N days

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I have created a handful of custom automations which create subtasks every time an item status gets changed. This has worked great for us so far, but 1 thing we would love to do is set the due date column on the subitem to a couple days in the future. I see that I can set it to today, but don’t see a way with current automations that I can set it to today + N days

It would be amazing if I could handle this in the same automation, but if not at least having a way to create a second automation to get the task done in the future would work well for us as well.



Yes this can be accomplished with a secondary(possibly tertiary) automation:

This is one of the date changing automations that supports subitems. So you will also need a status to be changed, not preset, which may already exist in your workflow.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Andrew,

This was helpful, I’m able to get this automation to work, but may still need to finagle it a little to figure out how to get status change as part of workflow, Since I’m currently presetting the status on subitem creation.

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Hmm you are right, it’s limited by the automations that affect Sub Items. Let me mess around with some options and I’ll get back to you.

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