Why does the due date selection in "create item" automation not give the option for "date of creation plus no. days?

I am currently trialling monday.com on the basis it will save a lot of time in creating recurring monthly tasks using automations.
I am very surprised that the due date selection in create item automation works on a physical date rather than creation date plus number of days? I have an additional automation as a workaround but this doesn’t work for for subitems.
I would love to see this in both item creation and subitem creation.

Hi @CRad I think I might be confused about what you’re asking; but there seems to be an automation that does what you’re looking forScreen Shot 2021-08-27 at 10.13.28 pm

Yes, that’s it thanks but I dont think this is available for subitems?

It is a shame that this isn’t just in the same automation as the creation itself (i.e. you can only select the specific date).

Also can the trigger be ‘when another column changesor moved to group set due date to creation/move/another column date plus some days’?

Hi @CRad - You can do part of this, but not everything. In a custom Automation, you can automate setting a date to “today” and then immediately push the date by X days. So for example, you could have an item move and then automatically set a column to be today + 10 workdays. (Or even today - 10 workdays, you can “push” a date backwards as well as forwards).

Alas, you cannot yet use one date column as the base date instead of “today”. I too am eagerly awaiting when that’s available!