Set relative due date on (multiple) sub-items

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I’m trying to build out a workflow using sub-items and am struggling with two issues:

  1. I would like to automatically create sub-items when an item is moved to a given group. Currently I need a separate automation for each individual sub-item, and each sub-item is created in a random order. It would be ideal to be able to create multiple sub-items from a single automation, in a fixed order.
  2. It is not currently possible to set a relative date on sub-items. For example, each item has a start date. I would like to be able to set a date on each sub-item that is the start date + 5 days, +30 days etc. We’re not able to use sub-items effectively without this. For reference I’ve found several FAQs from others looking to achieve this, but no official feature request!
    Relative due date of subitem based on item date column



@NaomiCoe For #1 you could have a status column that triggers the subitems. So one automation that says “When item moves to group name, set status to group name” and then set another automation that says “When status changes to group name, create sub item”.

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hi @NaomiCoe

Interesting use case. We developed an app for one of our partners that does do something like setting a relative date in subitems on creation. The only difference is that the subitem date is set to the next weekday (e.g. next Monday, Tuesday, etc.). This could be changes so that it takes a number column on the subitem that defines the day after the main item date. The current recipe is:

And would go something like:

When status (in parent item) changes to Value, set Date for each subitem to This number of days after this Date (in parent item). If you are interested in such a custom app, please fill out this form here and send it to our partner Work Perfect. @Kimb

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