Looking to adjust date/timelines based off (sub)item creation date

I currently have an automation set up so that when the status of an item changes, it creates a specific set of subitems, with timelines based on the date of the status change. Looking at the dates created, it appears these are hard coded so the dates created by my automation will never change.

I did a search and the only result I could find was from 2019. Is there some way this can be implemented that I’m missing?

Can it seriously be that in over 3 years Monday has been unable to implement something to provide the option to set dates in automations using something as simple and intuitive at set date to TODAY, or TODAY+# ?

hi @joshuams

Looks like this is indeed not possible with the standard automations. Are you looking to set the timeline on the parent items or on all the created subitems?

For this instance specifically, the created subitems, but it would be nice to be able to do it on items as well

For (parent)items there is an app called Set Relative Timeline, see https://monday.com/marketplace/10000032. Unfortunately subitems are not supported yet as the monday developers framework does not support subitems in what is called custom action blocks.

We had exactly the same issue - as a workaround we now use Make.com and have a written a small process that makes adjust to all the subitems (basically we have a template with subitems that we duplicate, and then need to push forward all the subitem timelines).
Happy to post more details if needed.


@MHaigh I would love to look at this solution if you have the time!

I can meet for 30-minutes if you could schedule a time that works well with you here.

Thanks in advance!

That would be incredibly helpful.

I just discovered Make a couple days ago. We’re currently trying to evaluate between Make and Zapier.

I dont have the chance to catchup, but have put an overview below, as we have two different screnarios…
Scenario 1. A process that is triggered each time a subitem is created…

  • a Webhook is the trigger when the subitem is created, and receives the PULSE ID of the subitem
  • a Monday update process then runs to update the TimeLine of the subitem
  • I have put an Ignore errors process, just incase someone moves/deletes the items before processing is done.

    For this scenario, we wanted to update the timeline to start today and end in 4 days, so we simply put the following:

    And in Monday you simply use the option WHEN SUBITEM CREATED USE WEBHOOK.

I will try and drop through some details of the process we use to loop through all subitems in one webhook

This is exactly the same issue we encountered.Our workaround is to use Make.com 2 and modify all subitem timelines (a template is duplicated and subitem timelines are pushed forward).


You might find this helpful: What is Make – The Monday Man

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This definitely seems to be taking me down the right track. Do you happen to know of a good walk though somewhere, that I could use to learn how to set up the webhooks?