Automating the Timeline

I would be a lot happier if I can set an automation such that when an item arrives at a board today, the Timeline is set to start at a date, x days/weeks from today with a duration of y days/weeks.

hi @eagbaje

Welcome to the community. This app (marketplace: will make you happy :slight_smile:. The timeline is set with a relative start and end time (relative to the item creation). In fact the app presents itself also as a workflow automation block which gives ultimate flexibility because you can set any trigger and/or combine it with other automation actions.

More info at 33|Set Relative Timeline - Excellent Team

Hi @Christian.Domnick

Welcome to the community. Sure the app is alive and kicking :slight_smile:.

When you add the app to your account you can do two things (or both):

  1. add an integration to your board and search for “Set Relative”; the app offers one integration - to set the timeline relative to the item creation date
  2. create a custom automation and pick a trigger (e.g. when status changes) and the custom action offered by the app. With this you can create a custom automation the sets a timeline relative to the time the status changed to the given value.

Hi Bas,
thanks for your quick answer. Now I have found it.
One more question: Is it possible to set a timeline in a subitem? Or does it only work with timelines in items?

The automation code should be like “When an item is created, create a subitem and set subitems timeline starting … and ending … after the trigger fires.”

BR, Christian

hi @Christian.Domnick

Thank for your feedback. The app does currently not support subitems. Although we could extend the app to support this on item creation, the automation builder does not support subitems in the action blocks at this moment. Therefore we can’t support subitems as we would want as we would like to have the same flexibility as for parent items.

Your example recipe is a little bit more complex as it would require to generate a subitem. To start with we don’t even know how the subitems should be named.

Okay. Got it. Thank you.

Just a quick question,

I’m trying the app and can’t find the way to the 2nd option you described before. I can add the integration to set a relative timeline when an item is created, but I need to configure it as a custom automation, to pick the “status changes” trigger.
I’m following these instructions:

But in the step 3, the app does not appear.

The app is installed in the board where I want to put this custom automate.

Any help?

I would try to uninstall the app completely and install it again. This should work and if the custom action provided by the app is not showing in the list there seems to be a monday issue.