How is the Date field in the automation-created subitem meant to be used?

I’m curious how the typical user uses the “Date” field in a subitem that’s created via automation.

In my experience, if you set a date into that field while building the automation that creates subitems, the date you enter just stays there, and is used for all subsequent subitems created by that automation, year after year. So if I make an automation that creates a subitem, and I put 10/11/2022 in the date field, then subitems created in 2025 are still going to show 10/11/2022.

I can’t imagine a use case for this. How is anyone else using this?

Yes, it’s frustrating. Wish there was more specific we can get with the due dates in sub-items. One thing I did learn is you can set up an automation where if the status changes for that sub-item (for example, changes to pending) then you can set up the due date as “today” so at least it will always be a relevant date, and not 3 years behind like in the example you gave.

But as far as I know you can’t set specific dates for individual sub-items like “Today’s date + 2 days” unless you do a ton of other setup in the main item area.

Hi @tjb , @TheBox - agreed that this is a gap in functionality. I did notice that the AutoBoost app does give some functionality to set subitem columns on creation based of main item columns which may be of use to you until this functionality is made available in the base software.