Due Date for automated sub-items

Hi All,

I have successfully set up automation to create sub-items when a new item is created, is moved to a group, etc. All of that works great. Basically, these sub-items are tasks so one of the columns is “Due Date.” When I set the automation up I selected “Today” on the calendar but that is making the due date always populate to the date I created that automation.

Is there an easy way to automate the due date column that I have set up in the sub-items view? It seems the automation always wants to link it to a due date column in the normal item area. Maybe I need to set up a mirror of some sort for this to copy over?


Hi @TheBox - if you want to copy use the Due Date on the main item and assign it to the sub-items on creation you can use the Auto Boost app to manage this.


Hope this helps!