Subitems Automation (status, dates and values)


I would like to ask how to automate subitems. What I want is when the date arrived, all the value and status will be cleared or set to “to do” but I can’t find any automation that says "When this date arrives, the set subitem status to “to do” and delete the values of "“time to complete” and also, change the date to plus 1 month.

Hi Evann,

Unfortunately, this type of automation isn’t directly possible in Imagine that the subitem cannot see the parent item—this is how automations are configured.

There are a couple of things you can do to resolve this:

  1. Store the date on a subitem level and use that as the trigger.
  2. Create a connection (one way) from the subitem to the parent and make sure the subitem is always linked to the parent. Then you can use mirror columns from the parent as triggers. (you can use to do this)
  3. Use parent items only and find another way to group these data. Perhaps you could store that subitem data as columns just as effectively.
  4. Instead of using old items and reseting constantly, perhaps you could create new items each time or duplicate from something like a template item. Then with views etc. you could always filter out old items. This would also give you a record of old data.

Just some general ideas about how you could approach working around this restriction. I agree it would be nice to have subitems link to parents either by default or via a native option.

Best of luck!