Automate from a subitem

I’m new to monday so there might be abetter way of doing what i’m trying to do.

We are using a single board to manage all Solar PV installs.
PROJECTS - are each installation
GROUP OF PROJECTS - we are using this for stages of the job. i.e. Quote Accepted, pre-installtion, job complete…
SUBITEMS- checklist of jobs to be done at each stage.

Its working well manually, but I’d like to start automating things.

So the main area is when a subitem is completed, change the main status columns to update the visual progress of the job.

This seems to need an automation based on the title of the subitem, which I can’t see how to do.

Any suggestions on this?

Hi @Ben-ElecInn - you can mirror a summary status of the subitems onto the parent by going into the setting of the subitem column you would like to show and select “Show summary on Parent Item”.


Also if you want the main status of the item to be updated when all subtasks are complete, you can use the following stock automation:


Thanks Ben,

Thanks for the reply, i’ll take a look a this.

I’m currently playing around with a hidden number column and assigning subitems their own ID number.

When SubItem Status = Done and if ID = X then change Status to XXX

My main items have 3x status columns.

It seems a really heavy amount of automations to complete my workflow, but it gets the job done.