Automate setting all subitem statuses based on main item status

We are using boards for implementation projects each project can have a varying number of sub items. The person submitting a project will create a project line and they use a spreadsheet to import the subitems. Once imported they will convert the upload group to subitems and attach to the main project item, they will then upload files and complete any other needed fields at the project level. when everything is ready they change the Project Status to “Ready for Review”. I would like to automatically change the status of all the subitems to the same status. When the wok is done by the support specialist the implementation specialist is notified and when they do the final steps and mark the project “Completed-Online” once the site is live, I would also like this status to automatically update the sub items to the same Status.

Hi @chameleonseifu - you can use the Autoboost app to accomplish this (as I mentioned in your previous inquiry).


Hope this helps!

Hi @chameleonseifu!

This is an interesting use case, I was able to accomplish this using a Make scenario.

In the video below, I have split the screen with Monday (left) and Make (right).

The video is recorded without any cuts, and you can see how this works. I created the automation to only update sub-items in the event the main item was marked as Done.

Happy to help you build this with make if desired!

Thanks for you suggestion, I looked into doing this with an autoboost automation, but I only want the subitem statuses to be updated when the the main item status is changed to either ‘Ready to Review’ or ‘Completed-Online’. This would update the subitem status everytime the main item column sta tus changes. The main item has other statuses that I don’t want to affect the subitems status.

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Hi @chameleonseifu, I see. What you could do is add a second hidden status column with only those two options. Then have a standard automation when status changes to “Ready to Review” change status2 to “Ready to Review”.

Then run the autoboost app on the second column.


I’d like to see this happen without using an App

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I agree, it would be great for this functionality to be available within without an app!