Automate Subitem Status Update

This is for SUBITEMS:
What am I missing in automations? If I set up dependencies properly, I would think that I could automate updating a status. Eg. when someone marks a status as done, the next task–the ones dependent on the completed task–should update automatically to “Ready to Go”.

However, I can’t find the automation language to allow me to do that. I need something to say, “Change subitem status of “next item” to something”

What’s that selection for “next item”?

My team is considering switching to Asana but I really don’t want to have to build out a whole new set of boards!

Hi Liz
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If I understand correctly, you are looking for the following automation:
In the automation centre under dependencies you will find the following dependency: "When a status changes to something, change the status of its dependency to something.

With this, you can ensure that when a subitem is marked as completed, all subitems that depend on it automatically change to “Ready to Go”.

I hope this solves your problem.
Otherwise just write again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks much Matthias! How do I find the “change the subitem status of its dependency…”? Selecting “add a new subitem column” doesn’t offer anything except a status selection…


Thanks again,

Hey hey hey! I found it as a new automation recipe under “Dependency.”


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