Change Status of Subitem when Other Subitem Status changes - Automation

I am not sure how to do an automation for sub-items:

When the status of subitem changes to something, change the status of another subitem to something

In a regular item it can be done easily, but how can this be done with subitems?

Would be great if anybody could help.
Thanks in advance.


I think this is similar - I need to link/mirror a subitem to a subitem on another board

Hey @DonBav,

Thanks for posting about this! Happy to help :slight_smile:

You can make a automation that will do this. It will read “When subitem status A changes to x, change subitem status B to y”. I would recommend checking out this article for more informationa bout how to set up custom automations, which offer a lot of support for subitems in general:

@melissa.chambers at the moment it’s not possible to link/mirror subitems from one board to another, but you can mirror a subitem up to its parent item by clicking into the dropdown menu of a subitem column and clicking “Show summary on parent item.”

Thank You
I am doing a lot of testing with this, but can not figure out how you specify “the next subitem” in a subitem list to be changed in a custom automation?

simple example:

Subitem A - Status is changed to “Done”
Subitem B - … when subitem A changes to “done” change Subitem B to “Assigned To”

I am looking for the part in an automation recipe where I can say change status of the “NEXT SUBITEM” to something?

What would this “change NEXT SUBITEM” command be called in a custom recipe?

Would be great if you could help me with this.