Subitems change to a status when this occurs

I have set up an automation, but it seems to not be working correctly.

When subitem changes to Done and only if Status is Done
Then move item to “Group” and then set subitem to Working on it

When this occurs it moves it and changes status no matter what Status is at. Shouldn’t it not move it until the status says done? I have several subitems within and need all of them done before the main status is changed to done - then move item. Any help out there?

Hey @jenniferfranks,

I’ve just tested this automation on my end, and it has worked successfully. The item only moved when the parent item’s status = done, after the subitem status changed. Just to confirm, there are no other recipes in your board that might be interfering with this particular recipe? If not, can you try duplicating the recipe and testing once more or setting up a new recipe? Let me know how you go!

Hello Bianca,

I did get it to do that, so there must be a conflicting automation (I will have a look to see which one it is and fix). However, when it moves, it only changes the one subitem back to working on it and not all the subitems. Is there a way to do that?

At this time, the status will change only for that specific subitem that you’ve used to trigger the automation - I am afraid we currently do not have an automation that will update the status for all subitems :pray: Apologies for the setback here!

Hi Bianca,

Is there any update or plans to have an automation be able to change the status of all subitems?