How to update a subitem's status when all other statuses are "something"

I’m struggling to understand whether the following is possible. I’d like to set up an automation that is very similar to one that is already present, but doesn’t quite map to my use case.

This is possible very easily:

What I’m looking to do is slightly different. I’m looking for:

When all subitems of an item have the subitem Status of [X or Y or Z], change the item’s Status to Complete.

I’ve hunted around and I’ve not had any luck. Has any one else managed to get something similar to work? Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Welcome to the Monday community!

While there currently isn’t one automation that can accomplish this, if I’m understanding your use case correctly, you can make it work with an extra Status column and a pre-automation.

-Create a new Subitem Status column
-Create the following custom automation(one automation per X, Y and Z status)

*Replacing “Done” with your corresponding statuses.
*The second status column(the new one you just created) will be changed when X, Y and Z are set.
-Modify your original custom automation so that once the new status is showing all the same, it changes the status on your parent item.

Hope this makes sense and is able to solve for your use case!

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Thank you. This looks great. I’ll give it a go.

Yep. That all did the trick. Thank you!

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