Change item status based on subitem


I’m trying to get the item’s status change from “Not Started” to “On Track” when “one” subitem’s status changes from “Not Started” to “Working on it”.

Is this possible? I tried the below custom automation and it wouldn’t work.

The automation should work… we use the same automation and it alters the main item to 1-5 different “stages” depending on how far down the subitem list you have progressed.
We use a status column in the subitems, to flag the level, and the have 5 automations (when subitem status changes to done and subitem stage is " Stage 1" set item Status to “Stage 1” … and repeat for the 5 stages.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the reply.

for some reason the steps in the screenshot above doesn’t work but the one below works. the difference is, there is no “from” status in the below screenshot.