Item Status based on sub tasks

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I am looking to update an Item’s status when there is a change in the sub item/task status change. Specifically, I have multiple sub items/tasks. What I would like to do is as follows, assuming Item 1 has 3 sub items/tasks:

Sub Item 1 - Status = Done
Sub Item 2 - Status = Blocked
Sub Item 3 - Status = Not Started

If any of the sub items have a Status = Blocked, I would like the Item’s status to reflect “Need Help”. Changing the status of the other Sub Items should not affect this. i.e. when ANY Sub Item has a status = “Blocked”, the Item status should always show “Need Help”. Obviously, once we change the Sub Item 2 to anything other than “Blocked”, the Item status should no longer show “Need Help”.

I tried this one, but it does not work when I have multiple sub items -


Hi @sandeepnair - welcome to the community. Well, with a creative solution we can make this work, but it will require the addition of a new Number column on the main Item and the subitem (you can just make them hidden from view).

In this example, on the main item the new column is called “Blocked Counter”. And on the subitem “Blocked” Then use the following 4 custom automations:

Basically, were utilizing a counter to determine how many subtasks are Blocked, and as they are removed from Blocked status to something else, we decrease the counter. When the counter reaches zero, we set the status of the main item to “Good 2 Go” :slight_smile:

We need the “Blocked” column on the subitem to know which ones were once blocked as we don’t want to decrease the counter unless it was blocked.

A bit convoluted…but hey, it works.


Dear Mark - this is brilliant!! Thank you so much!



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