Tip Tuesday! Updating a Parent Status based on a Combination of subtask Statuses

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Today’s #tiptuesday:


When any one of my subtasks is in “Blocked” status I want the Parent Task to change to “Need’s Help”. And when it’s changed to anything else, reset the Parent Status to “Good 2 Go”.


Updating the parent status based on change in subtask status is easy, however we need to keep track of which tasks are/were in Blocked status. Keeping in mind, there could be multiple subtasks in blocked status being changed at different times. We only want to change the parent status back once all blocked subtasks are unblocked.


Create a number column on the Parent Item (“Blocked Counter”) to count the number of subtasks set to Blocked and create a number column (“Blocked”) on the subitem to identify it as a task that has been set to Blocked.

Then, we create a set of custom automations to manage the flow.

  1. When any subitem status is set to “Blocked” we want the parent task to reflect that, so we change it’s Status to “Need Help” and we increase the parent counter by 1 and also set the subitem column we created to 1.

  2. You will need one of these for each other subtask status option you have, this will decrease the parent counter by 1 only if it’s previous status was Blocked and remove the value from the subtask (now you see why we have the numeric column on the subitem :slight_smile: )

  3. When the parent blocked counter changes we want to change the status back to “Good 2 Go” but only when the counter = 0 (all previous blocked tasks are no longer blocked).

Of course, this is a specific example but could be applied to a number of combinations!

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Thanks! this is an ingenious solution.