Using automations for different subitems to update different statuses on an Item level

Hi community, I am setting up a board and I want to use automations on a subitem level to update the statuses on Item level. However, I have 2 subitems and I would like the different subitems to update a different status each. For instance, on item level I want to see a snapshot of the overarching progress of subitem 1 which will be driven by automations on Item’s Status 1 bar. I would then like to see a snapshot of subitem 2, in a Status 2 bar for example - however, based on the automations I’ve been playing around with, Subitem 1 and 2, will both contribute to Status 1 but I would like to exclude subitem 2 from impacting Status 1. Can this be achieved with any existing functionalities on monday? Hopefully that all made sense.

hi @CyrusJ

Welcome to the community! I guess you need to rethink your process. Automations/integrations work on ALL items (or subitems) on your board, you can’t have different automations for different (sub)items.

What you can do is to add an additional status field and run automation 1 only if status us set to “run1” and run automation 2 only when status is set to “run2”. This can be done by building a custom automation and add a “and only if status is set to…” condition in your trigger.

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Hi Bas, thank you very much for the response! That makes sense, I shall give your suggestion a try to see if I can get a desired outcome.