Change status of next subitem when status of current subitem changes

Hi community, curious if someone can help me out.

Our company is using subitem as individual steps of our workflow. I am looking for a functionality or automation that would change the status of the consecutive subitem when the status of the current subitem changes.


Subitem 1 status is being manually changes to done
Subitem 2 status automatically changes to due

I am confident that someone here has already figure it out, I would be grateful if anyone could help me out

hi @catani

Welcome to the community! Something like this can be build with external tools like Make / Zapier or a custom app. In this case the challenge is how to define “Next”. Is the next subitem the one that sit below it (what if they are moved / reordered), do the subitems has any kind of sequence number etc.

Hi @basdebruin many thanks for your reply.

Happy to build with external tools with Zapier or a custom app, please can you let me know exactly how to do this?

“Next” subitem is the item that sits below but doesn’t have any kind of sequence number (please see example in screenshot below), and ideally the subitems cannot be reordered

hi @catani

The order of items in your board is just a visual thing, they can be reordered any time by the user and that would make your solution break. What I recommend is to add a dependency column to the subitems like this

and set the order of things by using the dependencies.

Now you can use this automation:


Hi @basdebruin ,

Many thanks for this!

Hi @catani :wave:

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It look like this post Change status of next subitem when status of current subitem changes - #4 by basdebruin might have answered your question, is that correct?

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