Change subitem status to "DONE" when item status changes to "COMPLETE"

I’m having trouble setting the subitem status to “Done” when the item status changes to “COMPLETED”. The first half of the automation I can set up, but it will not let me select the subitem status field.

What am I doing wrong or is this not supported?

P.S. First photo is the structure (Item with two subitems). Second photo is creating the automation. Second photo is creating the automation with a dialog box telling me I need to select something other than the subitem status. The subitem status appears to be “grayed out” compared to the status for the item.

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It is not possible to select a status of subitems when the trigger is on a parent item because subitems actually exist on a different board. As a result the subitem statuses aren’t visible because it only looks at the board the column in the first part of the sentence is on.

The subitem does not come from anywhere else. I don’t have a board of subitems.

Actually you do have a board of subitems for every board with subitems. It is just not shown to you, but behind the scenes… it is there.

That split is why it is not possible to have a change on a parent item, trigger a change on subitem or vice versa (except if all subitems are a status, change a parent status). At least with the built-in automations.

So the answer is “not supported” with the included automations.

Hi @JeffSnyderBCI - as @codyfrisch mentioned, this is not currently supported. As a workaround, you can install the Autoboost app which allows for columns from parent items to be applied to subitems.

What you would need to do is create a new column on the main item that mimics the subitem status column.

Then, use a standard automation: When Status Changes to Completed Change “new subitem status” column to Done.

Then use the following recipe in Autoboost:


Where column is the “new subitem status” on the main item and subitem column is the status column on your subitems.

There is a free tier to this app as well depending on usage. The only other option would be to script a solution with


Thanks for the info.

However, I don’t think I’ll make the change since it requires making changes to the new manager’s design. I’ll just have to wait for product to mature a little longer.

I got one automation to work of changing the item status to “Completed” if all subitems’ status are set to “Done” so that saves a little bit of time.

Hello. I wanted to use your proposition but I can’t select the specific subitem that I want the status to change.
For exemple, here is what I want:

When status change to DONE on a specific column,
I want the status to change on ONE specific subitem to DONE.

With Autoboost, it seems I cannot selected to which subitem I want the status to change to DONE. Like it will mark all of the subitem as DONE, which is not I I want.

Is there an option?
Thank you