Automate Subitem task Status

Hello, Folks!

I am working through a few ideas to automate my Master Project Management board. The workflow that I’m hoping to achieve is to have a column for a given Item (each of which represent a project) that reflects that “next due” item, represented by the top “uncomplete” Subitem.

Ideally a member of our team could select Subitem X as “Complete”, and the column for the Project would change to reflect the title of Subitem Y, which is directly below Subitem X.

Would appreciate some assistance or alternatives for this.


Hello @jwarner !

One thing you could do is create a status for the subitems on the main item, which would let you know the progress of the item.

Otherwise, you would need to create this automation for each two subitems you have ( next automation would be “… changes to Two Done… to Three Needs to be done”)

Hope this helps!
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thanks, Giannis,

That’s about what I anticipated would be the likely outcomes. I’d prefer to avoid having a separate automation for each Subitem Status, but hopefully another option exists.