Can I create subitems based off an items status column?

I have a schedule built for a project that has over 100 tasks in columns as status’. When the status switches to “Working on It” I would like to see a duplicate of that status created as a child subitem. Is that possible? The idea is so that you do not have to scroll to the right and possibly get overwhelmed by all the information. Instead you can see the next 5-10 next up critical steps to push the project forward.

Hi @BuildSwan :wave:

With creating a custom automation (as opposed to selecting one of the many ready-to-use automations provided) we can make a recipe such as below:


However, when opening the underlined ‘subitem’ in the recipe configuration, we find that the available fields are free-type only and are not mappable, so will not be unique or specific:


As an alternative, you may like to make a saved filtered view showing only the bits you need to see and helping to keep the ‘noise’ tucked away and working in the background.

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Hi @BuildSwan

The desired output can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Set up automation for each task column, using status as a trigger and creating a sub-item as an action. In the sub-item settings, pre-fill the column name in the name of the sub-item, and save the automation. Repeat this process for all the task columns. This way, when the task column status changes to “Working on It,” a sub-item is created with the task name.

  2. Build custom automation using the MAKE integration with Monday.

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Hi @BuildSwan , Ideally you should be utilizing the different Views and Filters to achieve this. As this is a common issue when you have a big board with lots of tasks within that.

I would recommend to create views like:

  • Overdue items (Filtered: Past due dates)
  • Due Today items (Filtered: Today’s due date)
  • Upcoming this week (Filtered: Due date within this week)
  • Upcoming this month (Filtered: Due date within this month)

Combine these views with priorities, and a Dashboard to show what’s stuck with whom, you should be able to navigate it pretty easily.

If you need any help with brainstorming this, let me know here.

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  • @DamcoSolutions @ZakiImtiaz @peta Thank you all for the suggestions. I will try them all to see which one fits best and get back to you all with the results.*
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Hey @BuildSwan , do let us know what you ended up using. Looking forward :slight_smile: