Create subitems for a specific subitem status change

I have an item and would like to create a new subitem each time a subitem under this specific task is completed. I do not want this action for all subitems on this board.
Is this possible?

Hey Robert!

To clarify, are you looking for a new subitem to be created under the same item?

If so, you could use an automation recipe like the following:

However, in order to prevent this from applying to all the subitems on the board, you would have to only use the status column for the one item’s subitems that you want to be involved.

Does this make sense? You can only use the status column in the specific subitems that you want the action to apply to. If you use the status column on other items’ subitems, it will trigger the automation to create subitems in those items.

There is no way to specify the item or group the automation is allowed to apply to so you just have to be sure you only trigger that status on the correct items.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful!