Can I trigger actions/automations from a specific Subitem?

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  • I’m managing a Construction Program were each pulse is a Project and the subitems are the project’s stages/phases. All projects will contain the same set of stages upon item/pulse creation (automation already created).
  • Each Stage/Phase will be completed by a different Owner.

I want to trigger an [item creation in a new board automation] if the status of a specific [Subitem] changes to [anything I want].
Example: When the Design Layout phase changes to In Progress, create an item in the Design Board and notify the Item Owner.

Also, it would be amazing if I can automate a Subitem Status change, if another Subitem changes status to something.

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Would this custom automation work for you?

When subitem status is something and another subitem status is something, change status to something.

Then use one of the item creation in a new board automations based on the last status column changing(status column on the parent item).

For your second question, you might need to check out dependencies. Are you asking for one subitem status column to change another subitem status column horizontally, or for the same column to update statues below it vertically?

Hi @andrewalmand , thanks for your reply. I guess it could work if I was able to select which specific Subitem should trigger the automation.

Currently all 17 subitems have a simple status column for [Not Started, In Progress, Done]. Only some of those subitems (like Design Layout, Procurement, etc.) should create items in another board (in order to create a queue for those teams).

As for my 2nd question, vertically. For example, when Subitem 1 is done, set Subitem 2 to in Progress. I find Dependencies within Subitems to be messy and they only track dates. :sob:

Perhaps adding a hidden column for a trigger value on the rows that should create items in another board would give you a “toggle” per row.

When subitem status is something and another subitem status is something and another subitem status is True …etc

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