Subitems: expanding automations


We’ve been using on and off for close to 3 years now and really appreciate the platform for its intuitive UI/UX experience which allows for a much smoother integration of new users.

However, the priorities with some of the new-feature roll-outs is perplexing to put it mildly. Over the years we’ve seen visual changes and new low-impact feature introductions when arguably some of the most important existing features don’t get the updates they deserve.

I’m talking about sub-item automations - as it stands they are very limited. The three automations that I believe should not be too difficult to roll-out but would substantially improve usability are:

  1. Every time period create sub-item automation;
  2. Every time period duplicate sub-item and move to item automation;
  3. When status change, create sub-item and set sub-item date to ‘today’ automation;

For example, this would allow workflows like this:

Every time period (Friday) if the status of the sub-item is (not Done) then move sub-item to item (Next Week)

This type of automations would substantially increase the level of process automation through Monday and I believe would be a great boost for productivity for a lot of users.

I agree. And there should be subitem automations where if every column (status or value or date or whatever) is a value then do something to the parent item.

Also Subitems in Dashboard…they are virtually NON-Existent

Agreed this is another sorely needed feature! And also agreed that it’s very confusing what’s considered priority to them, even the roadmap is super unclear.

It would be so useful for an automation for “Every time period” that allows you to “Create a subitem”.

For example;

I have a board where group is the product family, Item is the project, and subitem is the work level. To be able to create a subitem for a weekly update would be amazingly helpful.