Automation help! When item created, and status changes to X, create item and make due date X

Hi! I am looking for some guidance in creating an automation for the following use case.

I have a status column with content types. I know that when a request comes through where content type=webinar, I want to automatically create an item, make that item content type = on-demand webinar, and set the due date for the on demand webinar to +1 days after the webinar date.

Is this out of capabilities or is this possible at all?

Hi @kaysosa - Welcome to the community. You currently can’t map a date into an automated item or subitem creation, at least not with native monday. You could do it with Integromat, however.

Hey @kaysosa, thanks so much for posting! Can you elaborate on how you are having requests come through? Is it our form?

I ask because then you can use automations to set due dates, and you can use item default values (from the top toolbar in your board) to set a status/content type automatically to “on-demand webinar” for new items.