Automation - Due Date Automatically Set to Tomorrow

I know this is probably a very basic question, and if I had more time I’d hunt for the answer more thoroughly, but I’m trying to convince my bosses to use and I have a demo with them tomorrow.

The thing I can’t figure out with Automation is how to have a due date column that is set for the day that the automation is activated. That is, I set up automations two weeks ago, to add new sub-tasks to a task that was created. Each sub-task has a due-date field. I set those fields to “Today” but they just retained the day that I created the automations. So when I created a new task today, the sub-tasks all filled in a due date of two weeks ago (the day I created the automations).

It seems like it must be possible to have the automation set the due-date in an automatically-created sub-task to be the day that the automation runs (or even “today + x days”) but I can’t figure out how to make this happen. I only have the ability to select a specific date when I set up the automation rules.

Can anyone point me to the documentation to resolve this? If not, I’m going to have a really hard time selling this product internally.


hi @tjb

Welcome to the community! This is indeed the case when you select “Today” to fill the Date column. There is an app called “Set Relative Timeline” which does do what you want, but it is writing to a Timeline and not a Date column. If that is something you can live with the app can be found here:

Thanks. I’m 100% new to so I don’t know much about timelines and apps.

I think my issue is so simple that it’s hard to communicate it.

I have an automation set up so that when someone creates a new task, and the task is set to a specific type (e.g. “publish article”), it automatically generates six sub-tasks, each assigned to different team members.

The sub-tasks all have due-date fields, and the due date should reflect the date that the task was added, not be fixed to the date that I created the automation rule.


  • We get a request to publish a new article.
  • I go in and add a task with the article title, and set the task type to “Publish Article.”
  • This creates the six sub-tasks through the Automation.

Each sub-task should have a due-date that is based on the date I created the task, but instead, it’s locked into the date that I set up the Automation rule. I can’t imagine this is how it was meant to work, as I can’t picture a situation when you’d want an automation to constantly fill in a specific date going back weeks and years. There must be some simple way to have the date for an Automation set to the current date when the Automation is trigged, not when its rule was created.

We’re also looking at Asana, which handles this by using Templates instead of Automations. The Asana template is very straightforward and handles this date in an intuitive way, with the date filling in based on the date that the template is used, not when it was created.

If I can’t sort this issue out in the next day or two, I’m back too pushing for Asana, even though it costs more.

I’m attaching a screenshot here showing that the Due-Date field for all of the sub-tasks (generated by an Automation) are defaulting to the date that I created the Automation rule, and not to the Due-Date set into the parent task.

I created a task today and set the Due Date to today, but the sub-tasks (created by Automation) all load in with the Due-Date set to Feb 14, when I created the Automation).

This can’t be the intended behavior of this feature, as it makes no sense. Why would you want a date field that always points to a fixed date in a dynamically generated item?

hi @tjb

I totally understand what you are trying to achieve. If you want to set the due date to today you can use the automation:

However there is no trigger for when creating subitems I’m afraid.

This doesn’t seem to be an available option for subitems created via automation.

Bumping this because my other question disappeared and I can’t believe we’re the only team who is dealing this this issue.

The issue is with SUBITEMS that are AUTOMATED. There does not seem to be a way to have the AUTOMATION-GENERATED SUBITEMS set to the same due date as the parent row.

It looks like some one else has the same issue…and they are correct in that this seems like a very basic, entry-level project management solution feature that doesn’t seem to be implemented in It looks like it just hasn’t been addressed?

I’m super curious how other people set up their lists and not run into this issue, or do they do it some other way that isn’t obvious?

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can not agree more.
We have been using Date functions in automations in Asana and ClickUp before, and just cant find anything in

How can we make devs aware of this issue?

I know this is an old thread but I stumbled across it and wanted to offer my solution for a similar situation. I was able to get the desired result by having the automation set the date to Today then after that, push the same date back by 1 day.