Regression on Create Item automation

Until very recently, I’ve been able to use the “Create Item in Board” automation to create an item and assign a value to a number column. We use this automation to automatically create a bunch of user stories in our backlog, each with a different point number value.

Recently, the feature has regressed. Now we can only match a columns. We can no longer type a value in the number column. All of our existing automations still work, but we can’t change their values anymore. Nor can I create new automations with a unique value in a number column.

Was this intentional? Is this going to be fixed?


If you have not yet sent this issue to monday support ( it might be a good idea to do that.


Already done. Sent Support a video. I wasn’t sure which gets a quicker response, but in this case, Support won the race.


So, it’s working again?

Definitely not. But they’re on it, so that’s good.

Reviving this because after a few months talking to support, I’m getting nowhere. Basically, engineering’s position is that they’ve removed a capability and, well, it is what it is. Deal with it. Does anybody else have this issue? It makes no sense to even include number columns in an automation if the only thing you can put in them is the column ID when you create an item. I’m not sure how engineering doesn’t get this (and the definition of a regression), but they don’t.