Regression on Create Item automation

Until very recently, I’ve been able to use the “Create Item in Board” automation to create an item and assign a value to a number column. We use this automation to automatically create a bunch of user stories in our backlog, each with a different point number value.

Recently, the feature has regressed. Now we can only match a columns. We can no longer type a value in the number column. All of our existing automations still work, but we can’t change their values anymore. Nor can I create new automations with a unique value in a number column.

Was this intentional? Is this going to be fixed?


If you have not yet sent this issue to monday support ( it might be a good idea to do that.


Already done. Sent Support a video. I wasn’t sure which gets a quicker response, but in this case, Support won the race.


So, it’s working again?

Definitely not. But they’re on it, so that’s good.