'Match' Automation Logic - Connect Boards where a number column matches an Item ID column in another board

Hi there - I was trying to utilize the relatively-new “When item is created, connect the item where … matches … in another board by …” to link items based on an Item ID and I was baffled to see that it couldn’t be done at this time. I think this is the perfect use case for this automation.

To give more context - We want our team to fill out a monday.com feedback form after an event that we hold. Each event has a unique Item ID generated for it using the Item ID column. We display that number to the team and include it on a printed sheet they have at the event. Then after the event, they would enter the “Item ID” in the monday.com form and it would connect the feedback and other important info about the event directly to the matching event in a separate board.

We can use another identifier like manually creating an “Item ID” using a numbers column for each event, but that doesn’t bring us toward our goal of automating those simple things.

Anyway, all of this to say: Please add the ability to match based on Item ID. (manual entry in 1 board to the autogenerated Item ID in another board).

hi @NickNourishandSow

Yes, that is not the best implementation. The reason for this is that tie Item ID column has its own type (pulse-id). I discovered that with our own Match Index Column app not recognizing this column. Looks like the monday internal recipe also want to see text or number columns to use for matching and the Item ID is neither of these two. I tried to change the column type (to text) but then a new item will not show it’s item ID anymore.

If you want to use the Item ID as a “key” (and why not as it is unique :slight_smile:) you need to get the itemId into a text column. This can be done by a very little app or Make/Zapier but I agree this is not an ideal scenario.

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