Using item key to update status

I have two boards: Board A, and Board B.

Board A has a list of grants with an associated item keys (auto-generated column type provided by Monday). We can have multiple grants awarded with the same name, which is why I am using an item key.

Board B is where I am keeping form responses that provide details about each grant in Board A. One of the questions in the form asks the user to copy and paste the item key provided to them (which was taken from Board A).

When a form is submitted in Board B, I would like match the item key submitted with the item key in form A and automatically change the status in Board A to say a form response has been received for that item key.

I hope that process makes sense. Any ideas on how to automate this?

hi @KL22

The app Match Index Column has everything in it to make this happen (almost :slight_smile:). The app uses this integration recipe in the target board (the board where your forms input appears, in your case board B).

The board “MIC Source” is where you keep the list of grant (board A). The columns “Key” (on both boards are used for matching) and in this example the columns “Numbers” is the one where the contents is copied (and kept in sync) from the source to the target board.

What is missing in the app is the ability to use the monday ItemId column for matching. There are 2 solutions here:

  1. you redesign the board to use a different column in your grants board to be the key, like a text column filled by the AutoID Column app.
  2. we change the app a little to support the ItemId column

Let me know if you want us to support the ItemId column. This is the first request we see to use the ItemId column as it is not the most friendly ID you can think of (too long number).