"Match" automation feature - add ability to connect based on Item ID and Auto Number columns

I submitted this already via the “Submit a Ticket” > “I have a feature request” dropdown within my account but was encouraged to post here as well.

I know these automations are still in Beta, but it would be an awesome feature to be able to connect items together by referencing the Item ID and/or Auto Number columns in the automation.

For example, I handle a lot of events. I would like to auto-assign an event a number (ie. Item ID or Auto Number with a prefix). Then, when my team fills out forms (event feedback, post-event inventory, etc.) they would reference the “Event ID” (the Item ID or Auto Number) and the new items submitted through forms would automatically link to the Event. That way, all feedback, inventory tracking, and whatever else I want to connect to my event can automatically be connected by simply referencing the Event ID in the form submission. I’m certain this has so many use cases and it would be awesome to see!

PS I know I can accomplish this by typing a number in for each event and using it in the same automation, but using an auto-generated number would be a game changer!!

Hi @NickNourishandSow

This app on the marketplace https://monday.com/marketplace/17 generates a unique and highly configurable number for each new item on a board. The generated ID is stored in a text column and can be used in the MATCH automations.

@NickNourishandSow checkout VLOOKUP app that can help you with that. We just added conditional linking and Subitems support.

Let me know if you have any question.