I need to set an auto generated ticket ID to each "item"

Monday newbie and struggling to do a very basic yet simple and critical task.

  1. I want to auto add a task number / item ID when a board item is created. And for this ID to stay with the item. Ie, to act as a ticket ID.
    1.1 And for an option to do similar for sub items. Eg if an item, has a number of “10”, the sub items would be “10.1” / “10.2” etc.
  2. There is an option to add an “auto number” column which simply starts with 1 for the top item. Which is of no use when items move position.
  3. And there is an “item ID” column. But this is unique to all Monday.com items, so it’s of no use whatsoever.
    Any suggestions?

I suspect most clients would use this feature.
And I have seen this has been requested several times before.
So, is Monday.com refusing to do this?
And why, given I suspect it would only be a days’ work to implement.

My alternative is to junk Monday and switch to Jira or similar.


You can use the AutoID app from the Marketplace https://monday.com/marketplace/17

Hope this helps

Thanks you. But given I spend £2000 with Monday I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay extra to have such a basic and simple feature.