An automated serialization option is needed for ticket making

We have been using Monday for development but were thinking about using it for our trouble ticketing system. As it stands I’ve previously used Slack and SNOW and they both have a ticket numbering system. I’d this idea to be implemented to Monday. If a copy ticket number/ copy url to ticket page option could also come stock with it, that’d be insane as well.

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Hey @Josh.barr :wave:

Have you checked out the dev product?

That aside, you may find the Auto ID app useful - it will allow you to dictate format, prefix and sequential/random unique IDs for just your situation.
There’s a native ID column in but digits only, non-sequential and can’t be controlled.

Let me know your thoughts!

I’ll check it out thanks for the quick reply man

A pleasure @Josh.barr :smile:

Have a great afternoon ahead mate!