Automation to Copy Any Column

Hello, Im looking for an automation like:
When item name matches then mirror ‘column’ in ‘Board’ to ‘column’ in ‘Board
and of course all of those Bold items would be customizable (like any other automation)
You would need to first select your Board, then select your column in both boards.
The whole point is to simplify Connect and Mirror Columns. Currently, this method is not working for my organization. I have hundreds of items and to manually connect using Connect/Mirror Columns just doesn’t work.

hi @raisincain ,

Welcome to the community! There are a few monday automations that work on matching, but I don’t think they work on matching on item name.

Another option is to use the app Match Index Column which works like the Excel MATCH/INDEX formula. The integration looks like this:

It does not mirror the column (nor uses the connect_boards column). Instead it copies the data from the source board (in this case Numbers column) to the target boards and keeps the target board in sync with the source board (one way). In the target board it uses native monday columns that can be used in other automations and integrations. In the example the matching key is the item name. Keep in mijn that the matching key in the source boards needs to be unique.

One way to look at this is when you have a source board with all consultant each having a different hourly rate. In your target board you enter “John Doe” and his hourly rate shows up in the target board and can be multiplied by the number of hours to get a total.