Feature request: Mirror multiple boards to create a database


I have multiple boards with items that I’m having to repeat on other boards. The mirror option has never been possible for two reasons. First, it’s a pain to have to pick mirror for each item (I’m dealing with 100s of items). Secondly, I would have to mirror from multiple boards.

I would like to suggest a new feature that includes a new Column. Let’s call it “Database”. In this column, the item would have a very specific unique value (similiar to a Primary Key in Access). Per Workspace, one board can store all “Database” items, and when it gets populated in another board, all other info can be mirrored to that line item.

hi @gwheat

The marketplace app “Match Index Column” sort of does this. It takes a source board, a match column (to be match as unique key to the target board) and an index column (to be copied across to the target board. It is working like the Excel formula pair INDEX-MATCH.

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, my organization will not allow the purchase of a 3rd party tool like this.

Have you tried using these automation to match automatically the rows ?

I wasn’t aware of that automation. I can get it to mirror one column when it does that, but how can I do it for more than 1?

Those automation will simple connect the items from one board to another. After that, you use mirror columns to retreive the info from the source board.

Ah, that’s perfect! Thank you very much! This may get me by…

Unfortunately, mirrored columns do not show up in when sharing. So, while this works for what I need at first, it will not work when I try to share the table (even though the other board is shareable).