Ability to Connect Boards and Mirror Item Name (First Column)

We have multiple teams that collaborate on projects, but work on boards within their own workspace. While we can mirror specific columns when we connect the boards, we cannot mirror in the Item Name (first column). We do not need the name to be different in these cases - its the same item name and some of the same mirrored columns.

When we asked for support on this, we were told we could make the mirrored item from Board A, the 2nd column on Board B, but if we needed the first column/item name on Board B to be the same, we would need to manually re-type it. That seems to defeat the benefit of mirroring in instances where the item name is the same.

I totally agree, it doesn’t make sense that you can mirror all fields but not the first one that is the most important.


I’ve been building a system on Monday for a while now and while i’ve found workarounds for most of my issues to do with Monday, this is the only one I can’t work around.

I even created a forum account just to search for and maybe suggest this.

I 100% agree this should be implemented.

Perhaps as an option when you create a two-way mirror you should be able to click a checkbox to link the item names together too. Or perhaps even just designate one board as the “parent” and all of the children boards copy the name?

I’m building an inventory management system and for clarity’s sake (And because I don’t want Monday running hundreds of different formulas on a literal thousand-odd different items every single time I open the page) I’ve created boards with identical items but different functionality in the columns and subitems. I’ve got the parent items themselves linked to each other for cross reference via mirror columns. I’d also like to be able to update the name of an item across all the boards without having to manually do it every time, and given they’re already all linked via connect columns it seems like a no-brainer feature.