Board items based on mirrored items of another board items

I have a board, let’s called it Board A with 20 items. I want to create a second board, Board B which has the same 20 items as Board A as the items column. Can this be done?

I know it could be done with a single Board and then views but for operational reasons I need to split them out.


Hi @matthewalbum - are you wanting the two boards to stay in sync ongoing? Ie: When you create a new item in Board A, it creates an item in Board B and keeps columns in sync? There are number of ways to complete this via connect boards/mirroring along with 3rd party apps.

If you could provide some additional detail, we could assist further.

Correct…so let’s say Board A is a list of customers. I would like Board B to always be the same list of customers.

thank you for assistance

You could setup mirroring from Board A to Board B, however users would need access to Board A to see the information as its the source.

If this is a concern, I would look into VLOOKUP Auto Link as it does a great job of keeping boards in sync.