Updating/mirroring dates in duplicate items within the same board but different groups

Hi everyone,

I am looking to do the following…

Within a board, I have groups that have duplicate items…

E.g. Group with Team X items, Group with Team Y items, Group with Team Z items, then a group with some of all of these items showing a whole project plan.

I want to link the duplicate items so that, if I change the dates in one item (for example on the Team groups) then it updates in the overall project group and vice versa.

I do not want to have seperate boards to do this.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Hcurtis,

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Based on a test that I’ve just engaged in, I am afraid that I don’t think this is currently supported in the platform. Whilst you can connect items within the same board, mirroring columns from that item can cause a mirroring loop, as the data is pulling from the same board. That being said, so that I can be sure of your set up, and goal here, would you be happy to send over a couple of screenshots or a short screen-recording? Feel free to duplicate the board, and make the necessary changes to ensure no sensitive data is included!

Hey @Hcurtis - just wondering from a design perspective of having the task a single task and the individual groups assigned as subitems rather than repeating the task in multiple groups? There may be ways to uncomplicate the setup to make it work with what you are looking to do.

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Another option you have is to have separate boards but then use a dashboard to combine the views again across multiple boards. From an end-user perspective you should be able to reach the outcome you are looking for.

Hi @Hcurtis

I’m thinking of using dependencies for this but I’m not sure if I understood your inquiry correctly yet - would you be able to send a Loom (without any sensitive data)?

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