Sync groups between boards

Curious if there is a way to synchronize groups between boards, including all columns and content. Needs to be able to reflect added or deleted items.

Tried the Duplicate Group with Updates, but it doesn’t seem to handle the addition of new items.

Can you explain how something like that would be beneficial to you? Sounds like a cool idea but not sure why you’d want duplicate items.

In our configuration, we each have our own boards to chart our various tasks. The boss doesn’t want to visit all the boards to stay abreast of status or track items that he needs to review/approve/comment, he wants everything presented to him in one location–but he doesn’t want all the information, just certain groups within the boards. We’re trying to avoid duplication of efforts where we not only update our own boards, but then have to make the same edits in another location just to satisfy his request.

Could you potentially do that via a dashboard for him vs. a board that shows the statuses for the full team?

Teach me how to do that?

For sure!

  1. So at the bottom of your screen there is a Dashboards

  1. Once you open dashboards, you will Click the +New icon

  2. I would suggest “Status Overview” but you potentially may want a calendar or a Resource Manager one, depending upon the actual detail he/she wants to see

  3. Then, once you pick one, you’ll select the boards you want to incorporate

  1. Once boards are selected, he can see the overall status of the whole team’s assignments visually (if status overview) OR you can click icon in upper right and choose table (seeing detail of each board) or, my preference which is the split board - which allows you to see the details of the statuses represented by each board . . .

He/she can also select filter here to select one person, a team, etc.

Hope this helps. If you need more than this, just lemme know. I literally just figured this out for myself maybe a week ago tops :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!


Thank you for this. It’s something I didn’t know about. It’s not quite what I am looking for (at least as I understand it). I would need to share one group from
within my own dashboard.