Use the board a pulse is on to update its group on an overview board

I have automations in place to move items/pulses between boards as my customers progress through different stages (install, training, testing, live, etc). I have a different board for each stage, and different groups on each board, to keep track of the completion of complex tasks for this process. I would like to have a high-level overview board that groups customers by what stage they are at, i.e. what board their item/pulse is on.

For example:
All Boards: Customer Overview, Install, Training, Testing, Live
Groups on Customer Overview Board: Install, Training, Testing, Live
When an item called “Customer X” moves from the Install Board to the Training Board…
…a linked item on the Customer Overview Board, also called “Customer X”, moves from the Install Group to the Training Group

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To accomplish an overview from multiple boards I recommend making use of the Dashboard feature. From there you can pull in the information that you need depending in the widget. For example, adding a auto count column and then using a number or chart widget to then show how many clients are in each board/group.

If you would like to know other suggestions feel free to send over screenshots of these boards ti so we can best advice.

Thank you @bradley, this is exactly what I was hoping for!

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