A way to combine all of my team's boards in one place

Hi everyone,

So our IT team currently has boards for different categories (break/fix, change, service request, etc.) and I’d like to make a high-level board where we show everything that our team has been assigned to in one place. I tried the dashboard widget, but honestly, I don’t like that I can’t group things the way I need to and it looks like a big mess with groups from four different boards.

Is there a way to make a board that shows all of our tickets and I can group it by the assignee? We haven’t rolled ou Monday yet, but I know our team will not like it if we don’t have this.


@CourtneyCO I’m looking for a solution for this as well! I completely agree that the dashboard function to collect all assigned tasks looks like a big mess because they’re still separated by boards and groups.

The best solution (yet not quite what I need) that I’ve found so far is using the 1 view app (can be found in the app marketplace when you create/edit a dashboard). It allows you to filter what columns you’d like to see, so it looks neater, but still lacks functionality (no subitems, can’t navigate back to board easily). It’s a good bandaid in the mean time though!

Would appreciate any ideas or updates from Monday

There is a post in the community that talks about this and a designer who says he has a solution:

Hi Courtney,

If I’ve understood correctly, the way I would do this is to move all of the tickets into one board and break down your different categories into “Groups”. This way you can use the different views feature to create views per assignee.

If you have requests coming in via the forms feature you can have multiple forms on a board and even select where each board populates.

I hope that helps!

Hey @CourtneyCO,

I’ve pasted my response form another thread below for you, I’m not positive if this is the right solution, but I explain how I’ve implemented the solution for my team down below:

I believe I’m understanding your question although I might not understand it fully.

From what I understand, I believe you can solve your problem by, instead of having different boards, put all of the information onto one board and then set up different views for that board.

I.e. you will set up one view for the management team that can be titled “project statuses” and only shows the relevant columns while hiding the workflow related columns, and then you can have a second view for the working level tasks titled “workflow,” and then you can hide the management related columns while showing the workflow related columns.

I’ve implemented this solution for my furniture purchasing company, where the delivery team, sales team, management team, procurement team, and customer service team all work very efficiently out of only the one board.

Feel free to let me know if you are still struggling with this and I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to describe it a little better, because it isn’t the most straight forward thing to set up, but now that it is set up it works like a dream.

Best of luck,


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@Bastouri unless you have trouble making your board public, perhaps is would be a good one to show in customer “Use cases”?

great idea, I’ll actually put together a quick video tutorial of what I’m referring to.

I’ll aim to have it up today!

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@Bastouri That would be great!
I’ve spent more than a full week trying to figure out the best way to use Monday to plan our custom machines production. I’m still not sure that it will be OK. We’ll have to start using it to see if it fits our needs and tune it as we go along.

I think it would be very useful for new Monday users (like myself) to have more than just some of the simple templates that are available now. A lot of the Monday tutorial videos are geared to software development, CRM and HRM which hasn’t helped me at all.

The more I work with Monday the more things I see we could do, but all the possibilities make it difficult to know the “best” way to proceed.