One big board verses separate boards for projects

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Quick question on boards and would love to hear feedback:

Right now my company is creating divisional boards for our brands. A question came up to see if we should keep separate boards per brand or is there a way to create one board and have views by team member, by division, by team (web, content, etc.).

Thanks so much in advance for your help and feedback.

Hi @jodnt

I recommend to use different boards per project. Views can be very helpful in hiding / displaying columns, but ALL items & groups will be visible unless you are starting to us filtering. When you add a group filter to a view the user can still click the main table view and see all projects.

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Hi basedebruin, thanks so much for responding! Huge help! I am very new to so really appreciate the response.

hi @jodnt

You’re welcome. If you decide to go for a dedicated board per project we have an app that rolls up every project board to a high level board where each item in the high level board represents a project “at a glance”. The app, called Rollup Multiple Boards can be found in the marketplace and more information to be found at 20|Rollup Multiple Boards - Excellent Team