Best way to create a single board for multiple projects for teams with different requirements


I’m trying to figure out the best approach for using Monday to manage campaigns and individual actions for our campaigns with the rest of the marketing team I work with. We currently have a board for each project/campaign which means we have 20 boards+ on the go at one time. I want to consolidate this into a single board but don’t know the best way to approach it as we all have different specialities, so need slightly different column headings.

The two ways that I am considering is splitting each group out by the channel owner i.e. paid media / pr / social media etc. Then having a new item for each campaign with sub items for all of the the items in the campaign. Because we have different requirements I thought we could have separate columns within the sub items to meet our needs. The draw back I see with this option is that we can’t use forms or create sub items as easily as normal items.

The other way is splitting groups by campaign and then have each channel owner (PR/ paid media etc.) add their tasks as sub items. The drawback to this is there will be columns that aren’t relevant.

I’m keen to get buy in from our team to use Monday, and unless we get a system that works for everyone, I fear it may never happen!