Combine many project boards to one project board

Hey, new user here and new to the community. I have a project plan (in spreadsheet format) for each one of my company’s software products. Depending on what a customer purchases during the sales process, we will pull the spreadsheet project plans for each product and combine (manually) into one overall project plan for this client’s implementation.

In Monday, I’m creating a board for each product to replace the project plan spreadsheet. The Group structure for each board will be the same, but the Items and Sub-Items will be different depending on the product. What I would like to know is - is there a way to select multiple boards in Monday and combine them into one overall project board?

For instance, say I receive a new project to implement Product A, C, and E; can I take the Monday boards for A, C, and E and create a new board that contains all the Items and Sub-items from each of those boards (in the right groups), thus creating 1 board for my project?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @KathyF welcome to the monday community!

Good question you ask here.
There is not a function to merge or combine boards within, however a good workaround is to move groups or items from one board to another here:

The columns all should be the same to not lose data, but If you have the same groups you could just move all the items for each group over, it is a little manual but as long as there are a manageable number of groups it should be pretty doable workflow.

Hope that helps!

Hey @timlittletech, that does help, thanks! You confirmed my suspicion and now I know there’s not an easy way to do it.

I like your workaround option - it triggered an idea that I will go test out based on a training video I saw about creating automations to move items from one board to another. Maybe I can create an automation to help with what will be a manual process.


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