Viewing combined groups as one table

Hi all,

Sorry for perhaps a really simply silly question - I’m still quite new to and trying to get my head around things.

I have created a board with a few groups. Each item within each group is an event, with a handful of columns with related information.

The calendar view is great, but what I am trying to achieve is another view which just basically shows one table with all items in all the groups in one long list, with all the related column information - to act as a masterlist which can be sorted by date order.

I’m sure that’s doable - have tried created a new board with automations to create an item in the new board when an item is created in the main board, but it’s a really messy solution, and any further changes to item names aren’t reflected in the linked item names.

Any help would be really appreciated!


Hi @tmorgan - I’ve looking for a similar solution as well, especially for Excel exports.

What is the purpose of the Group on your scenario? A project phase? A status?

Hi @tmorgan
Sorry for the delay!

I am wondering what is the purpose of having 2 versions of your board, one split by groups and one where everything is in one group? This is what I understood by your message that you are looking for?

If you can explain to me what you need to achieve, I can check and see what’s the best solution if we have one.