View all items on a board, without seeing Groups?

Hi Monday Community,

I’m a Production Manager for a digital media company who has recently adopted Monday, and am seeking a better way to sort. We have 1 board with all of our series on it, and each episode or piece of content for that series is a unique item within that series Group. This works for most of our team, as many members are dedicated to a specific series.

As the PM, I am looking to better pull and report on metrics surrounding the activity of all content we produce, shoot dates, launch dates, etc. For this purpose, I am having a difficult time in pulling these across all series into an easily digestible view, as our list of Series is quite long, and this board contains 30+ groups, and growing.

Is there a way to have a view of a board, that removes the breakdown by Group, for view and sorting of all items? Or based on the above I’ve described, appreciate any tips for the goals I am seeking to achieve, thanks!

Hi @NathanielPeterman - monday just released Dynamic Grouping in Alpha, which would be available from the monday.labs section in your settings menu. This allows you to group by most column types and save as an alternate view.

If you had a common entry in every row (say a hidden numeric column defaulted to 1) it would group by that and show all items combined. You could then sort and save the view.

Please keep in mind, this is in Alpha so apt to change or could be removed.


Thank you Mark!

This is exactly the solution I needed and more.

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How is this done now?

This feature is no longer in labs.


Any updated on this?

Hi there, any updates or alternative for this please?

Hi, any update on this?

I could really use this alternate-view/group functionality for similar reasons to OP. Any way of doing this presently whilst Dynamic Groups isn’t in Monday.Labs?


Currently the Group By Functionality is only available in the Monday DEV product (for whatever reason). Hopefully this will be released to the general public but I haven’t seen this on the roadmap.