Group by Column (A.K.A. "Board Group by", "Dynamic Grouping", "Virtual Groups")

I don’t normally post here when a add a video to the Monday Man YouTube channel.

But, on this one, I thought most monday users will find this interesting. So, here you go:

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Very helpful. Thanks for this info. :clap:

I’ve been using this feature for about a month now and it is definitely a game changer. As someone who’s been using for more than 18 months, my only real complaint with is that you have to decide on how you want to group items when you set up a board. Using the “dynamic grouping” allows me to view my data in so many different and useful ways. I truly hope this alpha-level feature is carried through and is released as a standard feature. In the future, boards could be set up without grouping and then you could use the views to group data accordingly.



I agree. It is a very useful feature. I especially like being able to temporarily “remove” groups.

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Fingers crossed this makes it out of alpha!

This looks like an interesting feature to try, but I don’t see it available in Monday labs as shown in the video. Has it been taken out of Alpha?

Same here. I have these features on one of my accounts but when I tried to turn it on my other account I can’t find it on Monday.labs.

@igorj79 & @nicoferna - It’s back in development for some revisions and improvements. Hopefully Group By will be back in monday labs soon. It’s super popular with our clients, everyone has loved it.

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Good to know. Thanks for the update.

Jim - The Monday Man (YouTube Channel)
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@JCorrell @PolishedGeek have either of you received any further information on when this will be re-released on either Alpha or Beta? This is a potential game changer for our use of Monday, hence keen for an update!


I agree! Do we have an idea of timeline for the release? Thank you.



Not sure how I missed replying to you.

I have not heard anything… It is still working for me on the accounts that I had previously activated it on. Really missing it on the new accounts though.


This now appears to be part of the new Dev product. Can anyone confirm?

I need this feature, is there no way to implement it at this time?

I have a trial for Dev and have noticed that the MUCH awaited Group By appears in the “work management” section. The following help topic has also been updated to include this functionality - The basics of a board – Support ( That said I am still missing it in my regular Monday tenant, perhaps it will appear as part of the September release

Desperate looking forward to this functionality. It’s now October, any updates


+1 On this much needed feature. I was used to having the ability to Grpup By Column both an airtable and in Asana.


I’ve was searching for this solution after the first quarter of this year. I was just too late to activate it and now I’m searching monthly for the reactivation of this function. It is not a nice to have, it is necessary above the current grouping function, which you then could solve with a (status) column in my opinion.

I just added my comment here, hopefully I then will be informed as soon as there is news about this amazing feature.

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I can confirm that on a new account, this feature only appeared after activating a trial for the Dev product.

Any ETA on when we’ll get this back?

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