Make groups dynamic (like they already are in timeline view)

Currently groups are static. To me that doesn’t make sense since pretty much everything else about your views are dynamic. In fact, you’ve already started to make groups dynamic on timeline views, as you can simply change how content is grouped by selecting a column to group by in the view settings - so why do they have to be static on table and other views?

I would like to be able to select a column and automatically group items by that column in the table view and the kanban view, like you already can on timeline views.

This would be amazing. Airtable does this really effectively.

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We’re working on bringing two different teams together 3-4 dozen people. I also do not understand why column groups are the only static element. We’re trying to use Monday to help organize hundreds of granular tasks at the same time as provide an overview.

Column groups are so useful in organizing your tasks as they automatically organize and provide context for your task when filtering. And you already have a sorting feature. But all it does is reorders the tasks within a column. Instead, the sorting feature could update the task groupings themselves.

I did some more research and found an app that might help:


This is now available!

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