Dynamic Groups/Board Groups By Feature Request


I was looking for a solution for some issues we were having with managing monday.com (http://monday.com/) . During this I ran across a lab feature that was available earlier this year that is no longer available to activate. I believe it is something that would help us tremendously in organizing our team.

Its called “Dynamic Groups” or “Board Group By”. Basically it lets you regroup your board by a status instead of the static groups that are initially set in the main view. A couple of monday.com (http://monday.com/) forum posts are below talking about it.

The second one indicates that it might be available to be turned on if a company were to ask Monday.com directly. I wanted to see if this is something that could be done so that we could use this feature.

Can you assist in getting that feature back?

I am also needing this feature. Monday.com without this feature just isn’t working for us. It seems this feature is part of the Monday.com Dev product line.