Dynamic Groups/Board Groups By Feature Request


I was looking for a solution for some issues we were having with managing monday.com (http://monday.com/) . During this I ran across a lab feature that was available earlier this year that is no longer available to activate. I believe it is something that would help us tremendously in organizing our team.

Its called “Dynamic Groups” or “Board Group By”. Basically it lets you regroup your board by a status instead of the static groups that are initially set in the main view. A couple of monday.com (http://monday.com/) forum posts are below talking about it.

The second one indicates that it might be available to be turned on if a company were to ask Monday.com directly. I wanted to see if this is something that could be done so that we could use this feature.

Can you assist in getting that feature back?

I am also needing this feature. Monday.com without this feature just isn’t working for us. It seems this feature is part of the Monday.com Dev product line.


This feature would be a tremendous success and highly valuable.
Could you please provide information about this feature being available upon company request?
Thank you.


Hey folks
One of the key pieces of data organisation I seem to be missing in Monday is the ability to ‘group’ records in the table view, by using one of the column data sets as the group labels (Ie the ability to select a column to group data by)

This would enable us to group data in different boards using the same mirrored column from a master board, allowing us to tie all the data together much more easily around these groups (Rather than having to individually create and name the groups in each board that is connected)

Thank you!

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Adding on here.

This is an essential feature for our Team continuing to use Monday.

It’d be great to get a timeline for when this will be available.


Just wanted to add my plea to bring back this feature. I have been scouring the web trying to find a way to do this and came across all these posts about how it was, at one point, a beta feature that got turned off. This would be a game changer for us and without it we’re stymied on a lot of the ways I want to set up our boards.


Is this feature coming back? Monday.com becomes a burden to use very quickly without this feature. I’m now managing a group of spreadsheets in addition to the Monday list - untenable in the long term.

Apparently this “Group By” feature has been released for Monday Dev. But the majority of the Monday Work Mgmt community really need this feature! There are no news that this feature will be available to the rest of us… :frowning:

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I watched the video and agree - it would be great if this was added. Group by Column (A.K.A. “Board Group by”, “Dynamic Grouping”, “Virtual Groups”) - Platform discussions / Special workflows & use cases - monday Community Forum