"Virtual Groups" / "Dynamic Groups" (bigger, badder more better groups?)

Sadly this feature has gone away again. However the fact that grouping exists but isn’t flexible/adjustable is in my eyes a big design flaw. And the feature being withdrawn suggests, the obvious solution direction has not been chosen. Looking at any grouping within a data-table (e.g. the group by clause in SQL, the group by/subtotals option in excel or even the group by function in Outlook), the groups are always just data fields in the table that it is grouping. Now in Monday a board works like just one table, defined by the fact that all groups have the same columns across a board. Grouping not being dynamic however, suggests they wanted to allow multiple tables on one page but where caught in the middle sticking to one board = one table but at the same time wanting multiple tables so introducing a kind of table header to allow splitting but hardcoding it as if these where hardcoded headers.

I’d love to understand the actual design and thinking behind grouping both in the current situation and how it will be made dynamic…